At the Brierley Institute, we are advancing the state of the art in Customer Engagement research by sponsoring academic and commercial research. Following is a selection of the topics we are most interested in researching.

  1. What is the importance of “membership” or belonging in building long term customer relationships?
  2. How far is a customer willing to go to obtain status in a program?
  3. What are the impacts of losing status or rewards on long term profitability?
  4. How can brands use their programs and customer relationships to be more empathetic?
  5. How does the positioning and messaging of program components like earning rates or rewards impact enrollment and long term profitability?

We are interested in exploring innovation and opportunities in the Travel industry, especially airlines and hotels.  Our experience in Retail suggests that programs will continue to penetrate that vertical and others as Customer Engagement evolves.

For Professors and students who share our passion for Customer Engagement and want to pursue publication of studies, we offer grants and support with company participation for the right projects.  If you have a project or paper that you would like to submit for assistance, please contact us.