Advancing Customer Engagement Research

The Brierley Institute is committed to advancing customer engagement research through the sponsorship of academic and industry-focused studies. Here are some critical questions that we are actively exploring:

  • What is the importance of “membership” within a loyalty program? How does fostering a sense belonging influence long-term program engagement?
  • To what extent are customers motivated to pursue status within loyalty programs, and how can program design leverage this behavior to drive profitability?
  • What are the long-term implications of losing status or rewards on customer satisfaction and program profitability?
  • How can companies leverage their loyalty programs and customer interactions to cultivate greater empathy and emotional connection with their customers?
  • How does the positioning and communication of program elements, such as earning rates and reward structures, influence customer enrollment and long-term program success?

By investigating these questions, the Brierley Institute aims to provide businesses with actionable insights to design and implement effective customer engagement strategies.

Focus on Travel and Beyond

the Brierley Institute is particularly interested in exploring innovation and opportunities within the travel industry, especially for airlines and hotels. We believe our insights can be broadly applicable as customer engagement strategies evolve, and loyalty programs continue to gain traction across diverse sectors.

Collaboration and Support

The Brierley Institute is dedicated to fostering a collaborative research environment. We offer grants and support to professors and students who share our passion for customer engagement research, particularly for projects seeking publication. We can also facilitate company participation in research initiatives.

Partnering for Success

If you have a research project or paper related to customer engagement that aligns with our interests, we encourage you to contact us to explore potential collaboration.